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Travel: holiday in Australia、visit friends/family or other short term non-work visit, with a limited of three months study
Short term business visit in Australia: attend general business visit, government visit and contract negotiation and so on
Temporary work visa: work for an Australian institution or individual to sell products or provide services to Australian public

For students who apply for student visa in Australia, they need to have foundation english
Australian international student need to prove they have enough financial support to cover study fees、tuition fees、living fees and travel tickets
Australian international students must purchase Overseas Student Health Cover
Applicants must meet the health requirements, and have health examination at appoint hospital
Applicants must meet the characters requirements, and provide the proof of no crime

Skilled independent visa using the SkillSelect system to select applicants, you need to submit you EOI(Expression of interest),and line up in the applicant queue,in order to get invitation from the government; success or not is depending on the total points of your Points Test,Points Test is basing on your skills and working experience. Studying in Australia doesn't mean you can obtain immigration visa,but there are ways for you to improve your points,such as studying in Australia, improve your IELTS scores、regional area、professional year、Naati、working experience、partner skills

Employer sponsor visa applications, two ways are list:
(1)Direct Entry Stream: applicants have to meet these requirements: provide effective skill assessment reports on nominated occupations、you must have three years related working experience、you must achieve IELTS score of 6 with four components;
(2)Temporary Residence Transition: This visa is specifically designed to provide permanent access to 457 visa holders. As long as 475 holders working for the same employer for two years, and achieve IELTS score of 6 for each component, then they are able to apply for permanent employer-sponsor visa,and they do not need skill assessment
Regional sponsor 187 visa: basically, the same requirements

132-Business Talent visa requirements:
1.Successful business(management)background, involved in daily management;
2.Two out of the past four years,you own 30% stock of the company(or 10% of a listed company);
3.In the corresponding two years, the value of the stock has exceeded 400 thousand dollars;
4.In the corresponding two years, the sale transition of the company has exceeded three million dollars;
5.Totak assets of the family more than 1.5 million Australian dollars;
6.Guranteed by the state government(generally required to invest at least Australian $2 million dollars in Australian projects);
188A—Business Innovation and Investment visa
1. Invited by the state government;
2. Aged below 55 years old;
3. EOI scores above 65 points;
4. Assets above 800,000 dollars;
5.Successful business experience, involved in daily management
6. Two out of the past four years, the sales of the company exceeded 500,000 dollars(Max. 2 companies combined),owns at least 30% of the company

Ausbest accountant team own Australian certified public accountant licence(CPA),is a register tax agent of the Australian taxation office(ATO)。 We have years of experience and provide accounting, tax consulting and other professional services to small businesses, professionals and individuals

Ausbest cooperate lawyer team provide comprehensive legal services and business strategy for many customers with legal services and business strategy. Our lawyers have excellent business skills and knowledge of law, keep providing advice and solutions and minimize the risk of business.

Ausbest team provide professional comprehensive advise to achieve high quality real estate investment advisory services. Loan services include oversea investor loans, house loan, commercial loans and estate development. We help our clients to open accounts in Australia and provide all loan management services.

Ausbest team has Naati translators certified by the Australian translation and accreditation authority to provide clients with the following translation services:
Driver license translation
Immigration and studying abroad documents(character document, birth certificate, marriage certificate, graduation, degree certificate, transcript, etc.)
Translation of technical and commercial documents(technical documents, commercial documents, legal documents, medical documents, etc.)
Certified translation
Website translation
Voice files, dubbing translation and so on

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